Topographical Surveys

The Benefits

DESIGN: Optimisation through the provision of a comprehensive representation of your land take
PROGRAMME: allows you to utilise the digital model for representing the sequencing and planning of activities on your project.
PLANNING: equips you in provision of an accurate model of the subject area.
“As-built” Provision: provides you with a compliant representation of your site at a given instance which can be utilised as part of your CDM Handover submission.


Our Topographical Surveys will provide you with the required level of BIM compliant information on all the features within your land take. We employ instrumentation that utilises Laser Scanning, GPS, Robotic & Level recording technology. This survey will record level information, structures, road, surface change features, drainage systems, street furniture, boundary information and other aspects of the topography within. Data from these features will be captured using precision Leica instrumentation and mapped to a digital ACAD format. Our deliverable can be provided in 2D/3D format to the level of detail and precision that you require.