3D Laser Scan Surveys

3D Laser Scan Building Surveying BIM Model

The Benefits

H&S: Reduced time in the field and negation of access requirements to undesirable areas
PROGRAMME: Field work time is minimised resulting in less impact upon fellow contractors and reduced lead time
COMMERCIAL: Eliminates re-survey requirements as data is available in cloud point
ENGINEERING: Detail and Precision levels are greater than conventional methods


This is a relatively new method of surveying that has many benefits over conventional surveying methods employing ‘Total Station’ instrumentation. A ‘cloud point’ model with thousands of points can be captured in seconds enabling subject areas of varying scales to be surveyed in vastly reduced timeframes. This data can then be processed to provide bespoke levels of detail and information entirely dependent upon your requirements and is also BIM Compliant. Our Leica instrumentation come with varying capabilities, ranges and speed durability allowing this methodology to have a broad range of applications.