Utility Consulting

Crossrail Utility Consulting Vision Survey

The Benefits

H&S: Safeguarding of workforce and utility assets
PROGRAMME: Eliminate Delays due to inadequate systems of work and poor planning of Utility related services
COMMERCIAL: Eliminate Financial Penalties, Repair Costs, Damage to Plant & Insurance Premium Costs
REPUTATIONAL: Adverse publicity from Service Strike can harm your reputation
TENDERING: Reduced scoring potential on Tenders and Pre-qualification processes


Vision has been engaged to provide Utility location and protection services on some of the largest projects in the UK. Our track record in generating and managing bespoke permit-to-dig systems in conjunction with Main Contractor organisations have made us conversant in the provision of advice and implementation of methods and systems for ensuring that new and pre-existing utilities are adequately located, mapped and safeguarded prior to and during the construction phase.

Many clients with large-scale projects require their core business operations to be supported and maintained during construction. To achieve this requires risk averse methods of procedural compliance and a system independent of construction production to be implemented and managed. Vision Survey are specialists in this area and can tailor a unique solution that ensures client satisfaction, safe construction, and collaboration between all parties.