Permit-to-Dig Control

Olympic Stadium Permit to Dig

The Benefits

H&S: Mitigate Risk of Injury or Fatality from contact with buried services
PROGRAMME: Eliminate Delays due to service strikes
COMMERCIAL: Eliminate Financial Penalties, Repair Costs, Damage to Plant & Insurance Premium Costs
REPUTATIONAL: Adverse publicity from Service Strikes can harm your reputation
TENDERING: Reduced scoring potential on Tenders and Pre-qualification processes if inadequate Service Protection measures are not in place


An effective and bespoke Permit-to-Dig system on your site can mitigate the risk of an underground service strike and protect your workforce from associated injury or fatality. Our staff have consulted on and executed such systems on some of the largest UK based projects, such as the Olympic Park, Stratford. 

Zurich Insurance plc: “An underground service strike can lead to injury or loss of life and the costs to your business can be substantial.”